We can slit a variety of materials from 1,600mm wide down to a few millimeters at any length.

At Zenith, our specialised machinery can be utilised to slit a variety of materials ranging from 1,600mm wide to a few millimeters, at any length. Depending on processes and tight tolerances available, it is possible to ensure successful slitting of up to +/- 0.1mm. Zenith offers the service of sourcing and supplying required materials. However, it is also possible to contract slit for customers that would like to use their own rolls for conversion to custom sizes. We are open Monday to Friday.

Contact a member of our dedicated ZAC team for information on any adhesive requirements or specialist material needs. For assistance please call: +353 +353 (0)90 6486296. Alternatively, please reach us via e-mail: info@zac.ie.

We can supply you with the best range of diecut and slit materials, manufactured to high standards and in a Class 8 Cleanroon environment.

contract slitting