3M – We’ll Stick With You

With over 55 years in the medical adhesive business, no one knows skin better than 3M. They understand the unique challenges of this delicate surface and of the larger design process. As your partner from the beginning, Zenith and 3M can help you choose the right materials for your needs and navigate your way to market, with confidence.

Download the brochure: Solutions for wearable medical device applications (PDF, 321 KB)

100+ years of “Sticky Science”

Formulating and applying adhesives has been a core 3M technology since they started in business back in 1902. Today, 3M Medical Materials and Technologies offers a wide range of medical-grade tape, adhesive and film components used by medical device manufacturers around the world. This includes “skin-friendly” medical materials, intended for direct patient contact, and more aggressive medical-grade tapes, adhesives and closures used in the actual construction of medical devices made from plastic films, foams and fabrics. By bringing in 3M at the product conception stage, you can take advantage of this expertise to potentially speed up your design process – with solutions that can help improve device reliability, enhance performance and reduce costs. At the same time, you gain access to 3M’s technology portfolio — allowing you to expand your design options— as well as resources that include manufacturing guidance, global supply chain capabilities, product testing and clinical support. Whatever product development stage you’re at, 3M and Zenith are ready to help you succeed – by delivering great science with a personal touch.

Medical Device Construction

3M’s wide range of medical-grade adhesives and films can act as adhesives within the construction of your medical devices. You can take advantage of 3M and Zenith’s design and technical expertise and to make sure you’re using the best components and design for the application – no matter how complex or specialised.


When it comes to microfluidics – 3M and Zenith get it. We are your trusted source for advanced technologies in the design and manufacture of microfluidic devices. Typical uses for microfluidics include construction of blood glucose strips, lateral flow assays and other consumables used for clinical, molecular and immunoassay diagnostics.

The ZAC Range can be summarised in four categories: Medical, Industrial, Slitting and Electronics Products.