At Zenith Adhesive Components we like to work on new ideas for our clients. We often prefer if the solution to their needs is not obvious, does not yet exist, sounds complicated or requires innovation and creative thought – those are the situations in which we excel. We welcome each and every challenge and never give up.

Z.A.C. does not make finished products and so anything we do for our customers is entirely for their benefit and in their sole interest. Although we regularly come up with new processes and ideas, we don’t ever seek to own them. This is important for our many customers that are in the high-tech and medical sectors. Most of them have already spent vast amounts of time and resources getting to the point when they need a solution from us – the last thing we want to do is impede their smooth journey to designed, finished, tested and approved products with their own full I.P. protection.

So, whatever it is you need or think you could use in the line of diecut or specialist materials – don’t hesitate to make an enquiry – none is too small or vague for us to consider. Maybe you need a new functional material, a roll of something made smaller, a lamination and die-cut of several layers, a filter, adhesive foam, a piece of film of some sort, a special shape or something for a difficult environment – you are at the right place.


Contact a member the ZAC team for information on any adhesive requirements or specialist material needs. For assistance please call: +353 +353 (0)90 6486296. Alternatively, please reach us via e-mail:

See some examples of our innovations at ZAC

A great solution to a tricky request..

At the end of 2015 a company came to us looking for double sided tape to mount displays. “A piece of cake” you might say, so we posted out a few sheets of various double sided adhesives to try out. A day later, after trying our samples, word came through “It needs to be removable, but only from one side, so we can re-use it”. So we sent out an optically clear Permanent/Peelable adhesive. We happened to stock the ONLY roll of it ever made on the planet which we had commissioned for another customer and we were very pleased with ourselves, until they said “it needs to be thicker – like a foam but with zero residue after you peel it off”. After much head-scratching and reflection we sourced a brilliant double sided foam product: Permanent acrylic adhesive one side but with a totally unique peelable adhesion on the other side made using tiny suction cups. This means the display units the customer makes can be now used over and over again and if the adhesion starts to fade, all they have to do is give the suction cups a wipe with a damp cloth. Bingo, a great solution to a tricky request.

Little did either of us imagine we would end up adding so much value...

A couple of years ago a phone call came to our main office: “Can you process thin films?” “Absolutely – what do you have in mind?” By the end of that journey, not only were we processing the customers proprietary film, we are adding four other functional layers – including a liner, thin adhesive side strips, and protective layers on top and at the sides. Then we were adding an instruction label and boxing and shipping over a million of them to every corner of the globe. All because they wanted their “film cut”. Little did either of us imagine we would end up adding so much value and eliminating so many complexities which they had not even thought of overcoming before they came to us.

“Outside the box” thinking and radical solutions..

Three years ago we received an enquiry from someone in the UK who had heard about us through the grapevine. They wanted a gasket made. Turned out, it had to be made using a totally inert substance that could withstand 300 degrees C and it had to be manufactured in a clean-room environment. Then the drawing arrived. It had several tiny internal features and cut outs, some as small as 1.5mm diameter and to a tolerance of +/- 0.15 of a mm. We needed some “outside the box” thinking and radical solutions. For starters the tool to make the tool did not yet exist. With a few months of trialling and hard work with two new US vendors, we managed to source the right material and to get a whole new type of tool made to enable us to manufacture exactly what the customer needed. Then with some investment, we were able to measure the parts to an accuracy of 0.0001 of a mm. Now they have four other parts from us using even more novel materials and solutions. Believe me, they did not get any simpler but our customer could not be happier and we have really enjoyed meeting the many challenges along the way.

We can supply you with the best range of diecut and slit materials, manufactured to high standards and in a Class 8 Cleanroon environment.