Tour Our Adhesive Innovation Centre In Athlone

ZAC now welcomes all visitors to our new Adhesive Innovation Centre at our factory in Athlone.


Come along to visit and learn all about our capabilities and the vast array of high-tech materials we offer for a myriad of applications; Medical, Electronic, Automotive and Industrial.


Within this dedicated centre there are sample rolls of all sorts of foams, foils, felts, adhesives, absorbents, rubbers and plastic films to look at, touch and feel and learn more about.  We have data sheets for everything and will help R&D and Engineering teams choose the right product to test for use in any application.


We have a added a laser cutter to our list of capabilities and so you could even leave with an actual component to try out on your device or product before committing to tooling up for production.


Our objective is to be the “go-to” location for all your diecut subcomponents and this centre helps us achieve that by offering a fast, free and efficient method of turning your thoughts and ideas into a reality.


Zenith Adhesive Component's product range can be summarised in four categories: Medical, Industrial, Slitting and Electronics Products

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