ZAC are delighted to have worked directly with “I’m a Friend”

The staff of Zenith Adhesive Components were delighted to receive the first ever company certificate from “I’m a Friend”, an anti-bullying organisation which was sponsored and assisted by Z.A.C. over the last couple of years during its set-up period.


The “I’m a friend” programme, initiated by Charlie Wynn, heightens awareness of the issue of bullying and provides tools to help prevent it.


Z.A.C. worked directly with “I.A.F.” to create some leading policy documents in this area helping the programme to be a very valuable and visible resource for some top companies who understand the immense value it will bring to workplaces, schools and sports organisations throughout the British Isles.

"I'm a Friend", an anti-bullying organisation

(L-R) Pat O Neill and Liz Moran, Z.A.C. and Charlie Wynn and John Cusack “I’m a friend”.

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